Patents 8783546, 8777092, D739184 and D754445
  • M'doridori Fabric Gift Wrap 24k Series Ivory


    Elegant 24k series bottle gift wrap. Gorgeous gold metallic dotted circles enrich a soothing ivory background. Gold sparkle bow adds that finishing touch. Quality body and bow fabric made in Japan. 100% cotton body, 100% nylon bow. Hand wash, cool iron. Made in Hawaii with Aloha! Patents 8777092 and D739184

    M'doridori BOTTLE wraps fit standard wine bottles, some champagne, liquor and water bottles, and cylindrical items with a diameter of about 3". Some of the more creative uses that we've been told about are wrapping a small rolled rug, kitchen towels around a bottle of olive oil, and kokeshi dolls ... makes them look like they're wearing a kimono!

    Patents 8783546, 8777092, D739184 and D754445