Patents 8783546, 8777092, D739184 and D754445
  • M'doridori Fabric Gift Wrap in Pink Toys

    $12.00 $8.00

    Various Japanese toys and lucky cats cover this pink background with light pink bow. 100% cotton body, 100% nylon bow. Made in Hawaii USA.

    M'doridori SMALL wraps are great for single layer candy boxes, DVDs, t-shirts, blouses and small cookie jars.

    All M'doridori wraps are packaged with a cardboard pad which can be used as a base for wrapping. This eliminates the need for a box, as the item being wrapped, such as clothing, can be placed directly on the cardboard base and wrapped without a box. This is also a great way of wrapping many small items together. Even more, being made of fabric (not paper) M'doridori can be used on all shapes, even round containers. M'doridori is versatile, fast, easy to use, and gorgeous! See our "How-to" page for wrapping instructions.

    Patents 8783546, 8777092, D739184 and D754445